Tos & Tel, that's us. We are Gavroche and Thierry Abels, two sisters from Amsterdam. With a background in arts, culture and marketing, we decided to join forces and offer you the best there is in communication and design!


A Brief History

At first we were just two sisters, sitting in the back of a car, spending our holidays at museums and architectural sites. Growing up we kept doing the same thing, but now by ourselves. Thierry went to study at Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam and Gavroche studied Arts Management in London. Realizing we had seen and learned a lot, we decided it was time to put all that into practice! 

We are now working for a range of organisations throughout the Netherlands. What we do? One day we draw, cut and animate paper figures, the next we do a live registration of an event and the day after we end up designing and programming a website. The thing that is always there though, is our Tos & Tel vision. What that is? A different way of seeing the world and the way we can put you in the spotlight. In this digital age where your online identity is more than important to get noticed, it can be difficult to compete with 'the rest'. We think that with a slightly less standard approach you can get far! And that's where we come in. No ordinary templates or average designs, but something that fits you and what or who you want to be.

p.s. Since we believe that an 'offline identity' is still very important, we can help you with that as well.